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New to Trading less than six months

If you have a strong desire to learn more about the market or just started trading you just might be the Business opportunity type. You may be interested in owing your own Home Business You may spend your time at the book store reading “Home Business” type magazines, Entropenius, Success and the like.

Some Characertistic Traits you may possess:

  • You are prepared to invest from 3K to 34 K in a business in the box type franchisee.
  • You have a strong desire to help others and the help kids learn and grow and aspire.
  • You like to working with your hands leave you mark on your work.
  • You like to get things clean and make things better.

And you have a strong desire to get out and leave the rat race and spend more quality time wit the ones that you love. You like the feeling that comes with owing your own desinity. And you dream of working out of your home, calling your own shots---owing your own business.

You want the be the boss, call the shots and love the work you do! You may be looking to earn from $50 to $150 per hour? You may love kids have an entrepreneurial spirit and look to have fun? You may just want to work for home? You may work full time and have a few days you are off during the week?

But you have not found the right opportunity for you. Does that just about cover it?

This is the characteristic traits of most folks new to the markets. You call your own shots. You take responsibility for the success and the not so success each day. When the market is running against your it not a good feeling. When you are aligned with like winning the super bowl and going to Desnyland! With each lurch down you die a little each day. If you long and they released the cracklyn. It be a tough road to hold when you go it alone but you do not have to.

Seasoned traders 2 to 4 years

If you've been tradign for 2 to 4 years; you've dialed in most of the numbers of the combination. You make a little and give back a little. But on month end you are new positive. You'd like to be more positive at the end of motnth. You are eiher going it alone or not realy gettign the results you'd perfer with your master mind/chat group?

You are the type of person that sets tradig goals. You are incrediabley goal oriented. You understand your greatest enemy your emotional state. You are trying to get your emotions under control as it relates to the market. You try to follow your trading plan and try to always make logical decisions. But sometimes you dont.

It can be a tuff road to hold especially if you are alone. Your watchign the market suddenly the sell algos kick in and you ask youself why? Who knows if you are alone. You turn on the Financial station and they are showing a commeical about that latest green light read light trading software. If only you had access to a room that gave you the inside skinney instead of commericals of spam?

The market it down 20 handles and falling and you say to yourself; "Tough to short here and tougher to buy!" You've come to the notion; you need to take a more professional approach to trading. How do the insiders trade this nothing burger day? What should I really be doing? You are startign to doubt your ability to remain consistntly profitable? If only there was a room where you could get the notion of others in the know. It's tuff to go it alone but you don't have to.

Expert traders 6 years or more

You got all the numbers to the combination and your tradign engine is running on all cyccleners. You've been doing this for so long it become second nature to you. You masted, you ability to be:

  • Use your Capitial and Courage wisely.
  • Not to let success lead you to over positon.
  • Frame your trade and act when timing is required.
  • Maitian patience and sit on your hands and wait / then act.

Where you are their now or almost there. You;ve got it locked down. If you are looking to add a quiver of the timing and levels or stop look and listen to your exsting arsenel? Perhaps you are looking to help other traders spread thier wings? Or you are just getting stale fat and sassey and need a new plaec to dwell. You've found the right place!

News Letter AM Turn

If you are lookign to Discover how to recogonize ideal trade location using “hidden clock” / Wyckoff Principles of Judgement.

  • If you knew WB and miss his candor and levity. WB's tried to tie overnight news events to his levels where Peons got over their skis. Then as potential days news catalysts were aligning up; he would interject / expect his levels to play a key role in the interaction of price and volume. Time is your arse he'd say.
  • If you are looking for more---than what they find on the Internet. Sure, you'll find tons of YouTube videos on how to trade and a few Wyckoff concepts and $3,000 courses you can take. However, they are void of practical insights into mind of how insiders view the market. The composite man is not really touted at main stay educational dog and pony shows. I find it amusing traders charging $3,000 to $10K and more to learn Wyckoff and the Greats. When I paid $750 way back when.
  • If you are looking at the market in terms of buy programs and sell programs in terms of algos. They are running it up they are running it down. Squeezing the shorts if you like. However Wyckoff never used the word bulls and bears. It was popular in the 1930's in the bucket shops where Jessie Livermore played and carried his line. Wyckoff stepped back and looked at the whole picture. The interaction of all the buys and sells and the effect it has on the market. The whole body of the market and not just the skeleton.
  • If you feel there is a void in your trading approach to the market. I was attracted to WB due to the structure of time he imposed upon the market. It was though interaction / understanding, then mastering the clock I was better able to understand the waves that move the market intraday each day. It's the TOD (table of data) that I will be bringing to the table My unique position. Understanding the waves in the market. How they relate to WB's clock and the composite mans campaign of accumulation, distribution, mark up and mark down that is unique to me.
  • If you desire a description of the days events. Outling traders thoughts---tied to the events of the day. Often a trader will say something in chat that sparks a conversation how the professional traders think. Its that synergy of being with people you want to be. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale's master mind group. What are they thinking? What URL did they post? What's going on inside their head? I read the chat group composite mind and frame a narrative of how successful traders think, act and trade. While it may be in first person tense / my thoughts are resonating from the composite thoughts of the group master mind.
  • If you want a Turn by Turn road map of insiders hidden clock. I have researched the last three years of WB's work and read all his emails. And found some cases a void. A place I could fill. As a avid reader of his work; I found I had to stretch a few days to a week where he would outline the intraday action. Bill loved the long term. Often on our conversations he would say: “Not really trading much intraday---I'm looking more long term now.” I wanted more; so I highlighted the turns and given much more detail into the turns as they turn as odd / even and why.
  • If you need Today's levels and clock. I could never duplicate WB's levels / SPOTS with Elliott Wave pushed out in the month and years with WB's accuracy. However, if you are looking today, tomorrow few days / week --I'm your guy. Hidden levels of supply and demand, pivots and shelf's of accumulation and resistance, TA's with big / small roundies. Yes I can with probability and accuracy. Now, add point and figure analysis---Wyckoff buying and selling tests and the point guide and principles of Wyckoff that few can master.

I have an eidetic memory and a passion for the market. I set a goal (1980) twenty to become a trader at forty (2000). I prepared ten years studying old school masters Jessie Livermore and Richard D. Wyckoff. I mastered interaction of Price, Volume and Time using Wyckoff 's Principles of Judgement. Using Wyckoff Wave, CASH and “hidden clock” only “Insiders” know I offer AM turn in your inbox daily. Outlining insider mindset / play book, buying and selling waves, insight how traders / insiders position to news catalyst from previous day. With current day trading levels of stop look / listen and “hidden clock” for that day. If you are looking to make 2 to 4 points or more every day in E-mini then I am your man.

Chat Room

As Climit Stone develop your master mind. A gorup of people who share common interest with you. Perfera ley folks who's income is greater than you. BUt is willing to share. Not hold your hand and cottle you. But to help you along the way.

  • So, if you are looking for a place where you can be a better you.
  • If you are looking for a way to get the insight into teh mind of the professional traders
  • If you are better loking for a way to understand the hidden clock / turns of the market.

If you trade interday; and just want to hear the best news this plannet got to offer and how professionals traders respond to that news. Then you've come to the right place!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make up the news?

No of couse not. That would be fake news. Sometbody else does that! I stay up late so you dont' have to. I get my news straight off the news wire. So it's not colored by the advertizers or biased political writers of the day.

Then I get up early in the morning to see what the PEONS did and where they may be over thier skies.

How may point / handles does a professional E-mini trader get in a day?

On an average day you should expect from 2 to 4 points. However on some days; the read is muddly and iffy. On those days do what Jessie Livermore would do and just sit on your hands. Trandign is really about knowign when to trade. When its a good day to trade, it's not shooting fish in a barrell but it is real close.

Why trade the E-mini future insead of stocks securites?

Great question. Tradign the stocks in order to avoid the pattern day tradign rule you need to be a prop trader. Which reqires a 56 Liscense. After you get your liscence you have regulations from compliance offices. And then you get to trade against algo market makers who make snap decision punping or dumping millions of shares of stock in a milli-second.

Professional traders have access to programs most individuals can't get into on their own, and they have connections in the financial industry most retail folks simply don't have.

Why not just trade the SPY or other EFT?

SPY deffiently has the liquilty. It trades like XX shars a minute. With the E-mini is the tail that wags the intention of the dog CASH. When NY boys CASH start taking a sizable positon you can see and see it in the Fair Value and the SPY. So if you can swing a big line intra day the SPY just may be your ticket to success. If you cant' then look to the E-Mini.

I'm fortuniate to be in a chat room where all the big players trade. They have insight and share thier screen shots / trading plans. It's a master mind of all the big boy who left the floor. Give me a call or drop an email and I'll tell you more!

Possible Risks

Market risk , or “principal risk” is the chance that a downturn (or a bad investment) chews up your money. It’s there for both stocks and bonds — when interest rates rise, bondholders will see the market value of their paper shrink — and for most people it’s the big bugaboo.

Inflation or purchasing-power risk for most people is the “risk of avoiding risk” — the opposite end of the spectrum from market risk — the possibility that you are too conservative and your money can’t grow fast enough to keep pace with inflation

I Will help you to understand:

  • Planning Your Trades
  • How to Effectively Set Stop-Loss Points
  • Calculating Expected Return
  • The Bottom Line
  • Know Yourself As A Trader

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