I have on of the first original printing. It's now on it's third printing. If ever their was book WB would have had close by it was this book. Sure he used Elliott; but joe takes you by the hand and really gives you a better understand how to use that divider. And yes I also have Joe s divider and video. (both are not available)

When I first saw this movie I was meserimized and shocked with the realisium. How our financial markets so quickly changed. How the biggest grillia on the block could quickly turn into the biggest babbom. From Hero to Zero in an Nickless Cage minute!

Jesse Livermore's Methods of Trading Stocks


September 1, 2017 --click on the link above. It will open up a new window. Listen to it on Amazon

The material presented here first appeared as a continuing series of articles in the Magazine of Wall Street. They were obtained through exclusive interviews with Jesse Livermore by R.D. Wyckoff at a time when Livermore was the single most formidable factor in the market. After being "lost" for many years, these interviews are now brought together in book format. Amazon Audio Book

The Truth About Money


August 30, 2017

If you were ever fourtunite to hung out with William Blount aka WB withing in about an hour to two hours he would had told you to go over the the saint louis fred and pull up a M1 money supply chart. That will give you a true reaport card in how the current administartion is doing. Take your mouse and hover over the graphic to

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