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I've insured this site renders on all UA clients. They say there are going to be 30 billion internet devices by 2020 so at least I'm OK for the next 3 years! Internet gurus markers/brander experts say for $3K they will set up with a brand WOW, I say for 3 grand you could start trading futures. You really need more. But we got this 3 thing going on. Don't you agree? (I don't even want to talk about 2022)


Early Years

Like I said my name is Wyckoff Trader. I'm just a regular guy just like you. I did not come from a silver spoon family or have a prestigious New Your city address You won't see me on the financial fast track educational dog and pony express---as a superstar golden boy. You know the ones where you fly into a city or they fly into yours. And tell you the same thing the other seminar or webinar did before?

No one in my family knows what happens in Wall Street where cash is traded or in Chicago where the E-Mini is traded. Nor do they really care! My grandparents never knew we had depression back in the 1930 but mom and dad saw the bubble in the '80s and the 2008 / 2010 flash. This is not your grandparent's market. It's not even your father's market. The players have changed. Most folks never heard of an algo. And do not understand that alog's are Market Makers on all S&P securities.

But I'm getting a little ahead of my self with ago talk. I started out in a small southern town, my father was first a farmer. As I kid I subscribed to the Popular Science magazine (I sold them in school). My mother took me around to all the ladies' homes in the church and I just knocked on the door and they bought. I won a Marlin 22 rifle and a fishing pole. Still got that Marlin but I lost that fishing pole. A small price to pay.

I just knew I'd be taking over the family farm. I was going to hedge our losses on the commodities market. Of course, dad did not know what I was talking about or maybe he did. He never was one to talk back in “that seventy's show” timeline. Well; one day dad says he was getting out of farming and going to be a Southern Baptist preacher. He did; sold all his equipment and six months later Willie Nelson was doing Farm Aid. Wow, my DAD was a great market timer. He put the bug in me!


Getting Started Years

Average high school, musical prodigy (will that comes later). Graduate go the college get out in the real world. Just like you---with one exception. I set a goal when I was twenty (1980) to become a trader by the time I reached forty (2000). I was always fascinated by the market. At twenty, I did not know what a trader was. But I knew I wanted to be one. That was so far back Richard Dennis and the Turtle Traders were not even on the map! I was studying a man by the name of Richard Hume.

It's odd the first name Richard it seems to resonate history . . .


Information Super Highway

Well, I headed out west in search of my fame and fortune. And I'm really just waiting for the Internet to get pumped up. You know that day when Dan Quare called it the Information Super Hyway? It was Archie and Veronica and maybe a little mosaic back then. Well, I wait for about five years and then I got the call.

I become a consultant to CompuServe who had started a new Internet media experience called WOW!

WOW. It seems HR Block was trying to get CompuServe off their books and they created WOW!. That was fun. I was a programmer but put on lone to the teaching staff. They needed me to teach average house wife's and some men too how to troubleshoot over the phone when a caller had issues with their WINSTOCK.DLL files. I wrote and taught three classes. The pictures you see here are the pictures my students drew of me. Why I never understood.

My third class was called “Understanding computers from the Inside out”. Where I taught computers from the electron up to the source code. I really had great students because they were all snatched up by a corporate recruiter in six months. They went to a young start-up company called Lucent Technologies. I planned on them to be my eyes and ears as they moved up. At least it was a plan. Most folks don't even plan. Wow! Look where that startup is now?

OK, they fly me to the United Kingdom I had written a program called Max and they wanted me to talk to Martin CTO of CompuServe UK Ltd to get him to renew the contract to use Max. I stayed there for six months and left the last day lady Dianna died. I got on the red-eye and she was alive I got off and she was dead. Wow. That was a lot to take in when I saw the first flower and card being laid on the ground watching my TV, I went to bed woke up and saw piles or levels deep of roses and cards.


The Day the Music Dies

A few more years rolled by and I read about MySQL, Perl. At this time they have not created LAMP. So, I see a little company called Authorize.net and another up and comer PayPal. Read their documentation and open up a merchant account. I noticed they did not have recurring billing. I call up the programmers to do a tech walk through and say: “If you need a programmer to refer credit card integration to here's my 800 number. WOW. By the end of the day, I had 130 calls. There was no cloud PBX. I bought a box of pens with my name and number and sent it to the techs!

So using UNIX, MySQL and CGI/Perl I wrote an admin with a CMS (they did not have contact management system back then) so folks could take credit cards over the internet. They did not even encrypt the cards in the database. The word eCommerce had not been coined. I was hosting clients in California with Actors, Lawyers, and Candlestick makers (just kidding). One of my clients was a close friend to David Spade and his wife was Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston Assistant (not kidding). My other client lived in NY and did voice-overs for Segirms Seven and Office Depot.

OK, so that goes on for a few years. Then social media gets popular. Php, ASP and Cold Fusion. Recurring billing is all the rage. I was a Visual Basic programmer. Bill Gates turns to philanthropy and gets mentored by Warren Buffet. Back then you could drop a dime to Bill; if you really needed to. Social media was going strong I just had enough---so I left. Well, it was a sad day in September and the ashes forced his rent (my client who did the voice-overs) subsided for actors building closed. And I dropped off the grid. So you could say my business suffered on that fateful day.

I nearing forty and well I do remember I had a goal (twenty years went by). Six months after my 40th birthday I started my quest to find someone to tell me how the stock market worked. I did not care about triangles, hangman's, head and shoulders upside down or not.

I wanted something more . . .

I wanted to know the Insider Knowledge “How the Market Worked”? I wanted to know how the Insiders traded “With that Knowledge”? I wanted to know the “Inside Skinny from Cousin Vinney”?

I searched for six months. Back then the Internet was not hardwired and locked down like it is today. There was no Seri or Hay Google to order me a pizza or Uber ride to pick it up. Just archived chat logs chocked full of elite traders mastermind groups---with the knowledge to share.

One trader said to check out Richard Demille Wyckoff; I think they may still have a location in Vegas. Just when I was about ready to give up. I found a listing in an outdated phone directory (they had no website no advertising).

After much thought and deliberation within myself, I decided to take action. That was Sunday night. I had planned this for twenty years. I could have just as easily let it slip by. My family had forgotten my goal---should I?

I took action and picked up the phone. It was a hot Monday morning. Using a landline I placed a call to a Nevada 702 area code. A man answers by the name of Craig Schroeder. “Wyckoff Stock Market Institute” To me, it was the Voice of God or that guy with the long hair in the “I can't believe it's NOT butter” in the way back around the way days. Fabio Lanzoni was that his name?

Craig and I talked for twenty-one minutes

He says; “it will not be easy. It will be hard. Judgment will be your guide. It's self-taught, but he has educational credits.

And he has a lifetime guarantee. Any questions just use the supplied questionnaire form (on paper) mail it to him---and he will respond within a week or more with an answer.

(the Internet for Craig not been invented yet)

“And that is guaranteed for life”; Craig said. I immediately snapped back a question to Craig and said; “Guaranteed for life---how long do you plan on living?”

Craig laughs and smiles and says

“Well now young man---I never though about that”

He passed away in 2009 eleven years ago. If I am anything I am the combined Composite of all the hopes, fears, dreams and sorrows of all the books I've read and all the people I've met that made me what I am today.


William Blount aka WB or Bill

It's the giants of Jessie Livermore, Herriman, Hume, JP Morgan, Richard D. Wyckoff and others who shared their knowledge and insight with me. Another ten years go by I'm a trader now and I met a man by the name of WB;

I met WB in a chat room. He was the featured speaker. Bill talked about the market and how it had a “hidden clock” only insiders were aware of.

Wyckoff also had a hidden clock but he called it waves. That was back in the 1930s And it's just as real today as it was way back then. Jessie Livermore said; “Nothing ever changes in the market!”

Since the algos took over the old school market maker post in the NYC . . . (I was starting to get weary of Mr. Livermore something fierce

It is becoming challenging to determine when those waves are happening. But I was sure the waves were there...

And more importantly, Bill could help me find them!

During the webinar, Bill shared his long term Elliott Wave counts he used

New York City CASH referenced to fair value to
determine what the traders in Chicago at the CME would see
as fibs and levels that he called SPOTS
that price would stop look and listen.

Five minutes into Bill's talk; I had already subscribed to his daily newsletter. And at the end of the day, he was on the phone --giving me the “Skinny from cousin Vinney!”

It was a no brainer; “He'd say; it's not shooting fish in a barrel but it is damn near close!” And I would think; “What would it been like to shoot fish in the barrel?”

I'd love to have been shooting fish with WB!

I knew that Bill would be the closest to the mindset of the old-time trader/speculator I could ever get. Bill and I would talk on the phone on Sunday for an hour to two hours and a half or more. And he was the mind I wanted to clone. Think and Grow Rich W. Palliation Hill talks about creating your mastermind group. And that what this is all about. Creating a Mastermind group of experienced traders. How they think. What they look for. Not because you have to---but to help you see what other traders are thinking? You can go against them---you can go with them. Or you can just wait and see what happens to them.

In chat during weekdays; I would mirror and match his call of the clock. Using Wyckoff of course how Wyckoff would call the turns and how Bill would call the turns. Bill used a four-day series calendar cycle. The numbers were fixed but the times and the highs or lows of the days would change. But they would only change once every four days. I liked that! You get it right on the turn and you get the Kewpie for the day! Then the rest of the cycle, it's is in stone until the end of the cycle.

I really studied his chat logs. I tried to ask myself why WB said this or that. What was he looking at? On the questions I could not answer I'd sidebar; (open up a private chat) and ask him; He'd answer my question and then post his answer to me in the main chat.

Then on Saturday; I'd read all the chats from the previous week; starting with Monday follow along with my chart and if WB sent any SPOTS charts to follow with them too and master how WB thought. What would make him say this What was he looking for?

AS time went on I mastered WB; emulated WB and became WB. At least the way he thought about the market---regarding the clock. That all I ever wanted. How to run that clock. How to run the hidden clock---that controls the waves of the market.

One day I decided to send Bill this email. I already knew the answer. It was just a goal I had.

I'd come up with three questions to ask: building upon the experience and knowledge each week with the hope of one day sending this email.

[ email ]

I knew if I asked it too early on he'd given me a flipped answer if he felt I had not mastered the basics. Bill passed away either that Friday or that Saturday or over the weekend. He was alone. That Friday I felt he was losing life essence but he was a private man. He had an Aldo Nova moment in chat. And I really did not want to take away from that. Should I have called; bill aka WB may still be here today?

So; the student has become the teacher. WB's business partners were very aware of my mastery of WB'S internal hidden clock and soon after asked me to put together a product that WB would be proud of. I'm kinda thinking Bill knew he was getting close. Our weekly secessions were getting more intense with information just packed in. And three days before his passing he sent me an email on everything he had promised to send.

Well, I read all the chats logs I could find and all the emails WB ever sent to the group and after another month started sending out a Newsletter in the style of WB observations of the market and how it was timed to the potential trading events and levels of the day. The other partner sends me an email and said; “IF you are doing this type of quality work---then you need to be paid for it!”

I kept on improving and tweaking my Newsletter to get it just right and on the sixth anniversary of my father's passing (I held his hand as he slipped away); I created the best newsletter I could possibly create. WB's other partner said; “Look we really need you to take over WB's Newsletter”. So I really upped my game. And on the day after the Solar Eclipse---I decided it was the right time!

When I was first studied Wyckoff when I was forty; I envisioned myself way back being in a room calling the turns; “OK boys their buying em” I'd imagine I'd say, but I was just reading a memo from the Goldie aka Goldman. My favorite line is the Boiler Room movie with Vin Diesel and Giovanni Ribisi

“We just got the memo; Welcome to the club boys!”

Well, that does not happen; there is no club. There is no memo from golden. There is just you and your ability to read the market. That's it! You and your wits but you don't have to be alone! Of course, you can if you want to But that's why you are here today.


WYCKOFF WAVES AND THE HIDDEN CLOCK---INTRADAY 9:30 through 4:00 Monday through Friday Real time market hours.

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just to recap:

I'm just a regular guy; Not Silver spoon family or WALL Street / Chicago network or Financial Fast Track educational express superstar golden boy, I have an intimate knowledge of the insider mindset / how the insiders on Wall Street think act and position their trades. I wrote my own charting program. I don't use indicators. Just judgment: interaction of Price, Volume and Time.

I focus on the Intraday waves of the market and how they are timed to the “hidden clock” of the market. I look at the composite man as the “insider” in terms of the market.

Others look at bulls and bears (my strongest point)

I SEE THE MARKET IN TERMS OF THE COMPOSITE MAN / INSIDER – Most traders look at the market in terms of bulls and bears. This creates a dichotomy. A duality of the mind. Wyckoff looked at the market in terms of Composite Man / “insiders” the combined effect of the bulls and bears. It's the insiders that move the market in terms of news catalysts and offing events---not bulls and bears. I've cloned the mind / vernacular of Wyckoff's thinking and writing approach to the market.

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WYCKOFF WAVES AND THE HIDDEN CLOCK---INTRADAY 9:30 through 4:00 Monday through Friday Real time market hours.

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