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Look to explore the opportunity of becoming a trader with the intention of learning how "Insiders" trade the market.

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Seasoned traders 2 to 4 years

Think you already have the hang of it? This is for Seasoned traders looking to make 2 to 4 points or more every day in E-mini?

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Expert traders 6 years or more

Expert traders, who are looking lock in ideal trade location using "hidden clock" / Wyckoff Principles of Judgement?

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I give a video and audio Emini Futures Market Recap every day and group them by weeks. Click the above red circle play button to listen.

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If you are in your early 40's to late 50's trading fulltime or looking to trade full time... you are in the right place.

My goal is to help you the Intraday E-Mini Scalp Trader Level up and extend your average hold time in a trade while increasing your potential profits using the timing of a Hidden/Internal E-Mini Clock.

The Clock that controls all turns Intraday every day.

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I only trade one financial instrument. The E-Mini futures contract. I have traded for the past thirteen plus years with consistency and without fear. I have helped my AM TURN subscribers extend their average hold time in a trade while increasing their potential profits using a Hidden Clock and Wyckoff Principles of Supply Demand, Cause Effect, Effort vs Result and the Interaction of Price, Volume and Time.

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