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Hi. My name is Wyckoff Trader; I'm just a regular guy just like you. I did not come from a silver spoon family or have a prestigious New York city address. No one in my family knows what happens in Wall Street where cash is traded or in Chicago where the E-Mini is traded. Nor do they really care!

My grandparents never knew we had a depression back in the 1930 but mom and dad saw the bubble in the 80's and the 2008 / 2010 flash. This is not your grandparents market. It's not even your fathers market. The players have changed. Most folks never heard of an algo. And do not understand that alog's are Market Makers on all S&P 500 securities.

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Here are a few of the giants whos shoulders I've been fortuniate to stand upon. (click on book title link below to read more on Amazon)

August 30, 2017 Insider Recap

Insiders tagged the 43 from the overnight level in es then used Fair Value to take out the opening print. The bias was bullish possibly to repeat yesterdays performance but in moderation. If you draw an support line you will easily see that once the 43 was kissed the insiders quickly took out the opening print and on to 48 level.

Held, then quick dip at 10:40 with another thrust up to 50 then held that level for 2 hours. Like clock work 9:40, 10:40 and 12:40 were the vesica piscis of each up thrust was born. Also note the reaction from each thrust (sign of strength) was less than .38 resting spell.

By 1:30 some of the bulls had decided to start taking some off the table in preparation for the long weekend. At 2:40 you should see the break of the support line. Come 3:00 as the bonds closed; demand was unable to hold the constant drip of supply. Some of the bigger dow stocks were taking on water, JPM, BA but mr halfway was not having anything to due with it until 3:30 when he followed pressure with the rest of the leaders and closed on rallies to lower highs.