America’s #1 Wyckoff Wave and WB's Hidden Clock Expert Says:
Wyckoff Trader

My name is Wyckoff Trader...

And I will do ANYTHING to uncover hidden trading secrets of Wall Street elites…

I make no apologies for my demeanor.

I didn’t reach the top of my game by being uninformed.

I’m not trying to get likes. I’ve got plenty of them.

Reason being…

I’m the last person you want to stand opposed in the pit. And the first person you want by your side, on your computer. 

I’ll say it again…

I will do ANYTHING to uncover hidden trading secrets of Wall Street elites.

More importantly, I’ll do ANYTHING to help YOU do it too.

And today, I’m going to show you a secret that has been hidden for millennials

It’s this statement you see on your screen now. See the sixth one? Cause and Effect?

A man by the name of Ricard D. Wyckoff discovered it back in the 1930s during the days of Jessie Livermore, JP Morgan, Herriman, and Keern. He took the balance of what he was learning from the traders of that day and forged together 3 laws and 7 principles that work in every market of the world. (Supply Demand, Effort Result, Cause-Effect)


And another man I befriended a few years about was WB's William Blunt; who had a hidden clock he said controlled the turns intraday every day. HE said; S1, S2, S3, and S4 each have a predictable and profitable character and behavior. It's either NORMAL or ABERRANT. With uncanny certainty. Each predicts the turns intra-day every day!


If you're skeptical, or you think this sounds crazy, that's good.

In plain English…You should be.

No one has ever come close

to accomplishing anything like this.

It's extraordinary. And over the next few minutes, I'm going to make you a believer.

I’m going to pull back the curtain and “show you everything.”

And for the last 2 years, I’ve been using it for my own personal gain.

You’re about to see for yourself how having the Wyckoff and WB’s Hidden Clock at my fingertips allows me to…

Leverage the combined knowledge and experiences of Old School traders to help you find trading success.

If you traded that day, you would have had the opportunity to take out a twelve handle run...(see the 12 in green at the bottom. A 7 handle going short at 9:40 am and 5 handle shorting at 11:40 am EST.)

That would have netted you a $600, $1,200, $1,500 day or more...and we are just getting started!

We take the old school approach to trading. We as in the 1930’s old school Barka Lounger Boys…JP Morgan, Herriman and Keene, Wyckoff, WB’s (intraday turns), and me

use the three pillars of market success:

Jessie Livermore; the greatest trader this world has ever known; "The key to market success is market timing. Knowing when to sit on your hands and when to get off and put the trade on!"

Let's take a look at Monday, Aug 13 through Aug 17. Nothing special. I just picked it.

But you could have made about $4,950 on one lot and $14,850 on three lots over that same week. Slow and steady wins the race.

Let’s jump up a few weeks…

Tuesday, September 4, 2018.

In The AM Turn, I gave you levels of potential stop, look and listen. Inflection points if you will. We had support at 2893 and 2888 handle. As the market opened if you had a bid in, you would have gotten taken out for a two handle loss. However, if you had a bid in at 2888 then you make a 22 handle run! Of course, you would have and to take out the 2 handle loss for a total 20 handle day

Now, using $50 dollars per handle that would have given you a $1,000 day.

For the everyday investor, this meant absolutely nothing.

For you, it could have meant an automatic payout of $1,000 in one day.

That’s just a week and a day. You are already up five grand...

There are weeks and weeks of data in a row – that’s two years – If you were a subscriber to The AM Turn, you would have seen where we accurately projected the future direction of the market in– THE AM TURN three days in advance!

Obviously, it would take me an eternity to go over 144 weeks of consecutive data.

And I don’t have all day. Neither do you.

What I want you to see is that these are not stock charts.

They’re not stock options either.

In fact, you’re not going to hear me name a single stock in this presentation.

I don’t need to. Not anymore. I’ve found a MUCH better way for you to acquire wealth and it’s going to leave you speechless.

Look, for the record, I don’t hate stocks.

I’ve been chasing after stocks for 12 years...

And I’ve made a killing by playing stocks six ways till all that has changed.

Today, stocks are being gammed by the ALGOS!

Sure, by the time you see it print your stock may be up a fifty cents or more

So, I found a better way. An easier way to trade for income. Let's let the INVESTORS deal with it. I'm trading the dog that wags the tail!

Here’s a copy of my track record. It includes levels I recommended each day in The AM Turn for the past few months. The trade side, day, handles, profit on one lots, and profit on three lots.

It’s a thing of absolute beauty.

Day in and day out I'm generated $350 on 1 lot and $1050 on 3 lots paydays each day. Not years, not months not weeks– DAYS.

In some instances, OVERNIGHT as the opening bell rang!

I don’t believe anyone on this green earth – over this same period of time – has been able to call the turns that I called.

Want proof? I’ll show you…

Look at this week.

You’ll see this later in the presentation. I called the top before anyone knew!…

The results have been backtested and verified by subscribers and traders each day. Levels where the market may potentially turn. If we are right we take profit. If wrong we get out and take the loss. It's as simple as that!

Like I said before...

For 144 weeks in a row, if you were a subscribers to The AM Turn you would have accurately seen the projected future direction of the market in– THE AM TURN three days in advance...

In other words, it sees one week into the future, giving me the chance to make money – OVER AND OVER again – on the SAME investment, every week.

And it has done so with 93% accuracy.

This is not targeting a fund, an ETF… and as I mentioned, not a stock either.

Listen to this...

It’s targeting the S&P 500 itself – the institutional and worldwide measure of the U.S. stock market.

But it gets even better.

Armed with this, I don’t ever have to directly invest in the S&P 500.


I’m able to – in fact, anybody is able to – potentially collect THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS AUTOMATICALLY each week, thanks to the vast movement of money within the S&P 500.

And that’s the business you want to be in.

I’ll explain…

Most traders make their initial fortune by mastering the stock game.

They start when they are young, then cought a break or a turn in the trend.

Of course back then, trades were in quarters and eights, humans stood at a post in NYSE and there were NO ALGOS. 

It was easy. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

So I and other old-school traders are really good at making money.

But there’s a dirty secret about the market…

You learn it once you’re on the inside.

Overnight while you sleep a wave of market participants are awake. Traders in over 60 different countries depending upon what's going on in their neck of the woods...are bidding and offering. This combined effort (Emerging Markets) are slowly seeping into the world's economies.

Today it's Argentina Pesco...tomorrow maybe the dollar will gain strength against:

Unlike in Wyckoff day's Cash does not just go home and forget about it!

Starting as early as 3:00 AM EST London markets open. The Asian secession is nearing it's close. PEON traders have set into motion moves that determine where CASH opening prints will print.

While you're fast asleep; I'm up checking Europen open. Where price trades and where the opening bell may print?

As the boys from Manhattan and Long Island land on their helipads in New York they start to get a taste. Around 8:00 AM EST marker. Price is either firming up (getting a bid) or going soft (looking to offer down). Opening balance usually ends around 9:40 AM EST or a few minutes more. WB's clock has an opening spill from the day before. When the two are in's a beautiful thing. When they are not...Katty bar the door!

It's like a math geeks power factor!

AND when the stars line up...potential levels where the spill could seal plus where AM high or low could print...Simply put. We DO THE WORK FOR YOU...SO YOU DON't HAVE TO!

I love U.S. markets. I live in the pits open outcry. While you're fast asleep I'm crunching today's potential numbers. Where are potential shelves of supply? Potential levels of support?

Sure, you may have your own. You can compare or fade ours...

What sets us apart from others?

It's the combination of the three pillars of market success that set's us apart from other trading advisory services you've seen in the past.

Fundamentals - the news what are the Highlights? Short bullet points what's going on in the world today? The Asian, Europen and Futures how did they trade up/down, strong, weak or flat?

What's the catalyst for today/week?
Imagine how your understanding of fundamentals will improve?

We put it all together for you. How Wyckoff would have seen the market, The Wyckoff Wave from yesterday (you cant' get this anywhere else). How did CASH trade, WB's Internal clock? The clock that controls all turns intra-day each trading day. (it's on page 4)

Overnight Globex how did it trade? Flat, Strong or Weak? (it's on page 6)
Imagine how your understanding of technicians will improve?

What are the headwinds? News that retards a markets advance. Tailwinds. NEWS that WILL accelerate market onward and upward? And Cross Winds. What scheduled news events will move the needle up or down?

Watch...what you may want to keep your eye on this day, week or month. (it's on page 6)
Imagine how your understanding of market timing will improve?

(what's on page 5) on Page 5 is the Big Picture Perspective. Where I outline trades bigger traders may play. Where the boys are. Where institutions may take a taste. Wouldn't you like to know what's on page 5 to trade with the folks in the know? (You'll have to subscribe to see!)

It's like rago sauce it's all in there. All your ducks are in a row. print it out and put on your monitor or trading journal.

It's on Page 6 of the AM TURN. Pretty little maidens all in a row to scope out both near and far...your trading day.

A picture is worth a thousand words. On page 4 you'll get the Wyckoff Wave from yesterday. Hidden trader pivots most traders forgot and Floor Trader Pivots used by ALGOS. You'll see the market in a way you could never see before!

Compared to the Wykoff Wave is the E-Mini Imagine how your understanding of Wyckoff Principles will improve?

I mark up the chart. The way Wycoff and WB would mark it. Turning points of the day; spill, am, mid am, lunch, mid pm, and last hour.

Most subscribers will compare their turns to mine. It's important. You do this for yourself. But it's more important to have something to get the feedback you get it right!

I understand. You are Skeptical and if I was you I would be skeptical too.

If you want to know a little bit about me here it is. I'm a private guy but I've touched thousands of lives. I feel we are all here for a purpose and I try to fulfill my purpose for being here each and every day

My daily mantra is to allow folks to feel a little better about themselves than before they met me. I live on a higher frequency vibration. My thoughts are on a higher frequency. I have an eidetic mind so I don't forget.

I realize other folks do, and sometimes that makes it hard for me to get through the day. In this current reality, to my eye...smartphones were made for dumb minds. And soon, cars will be driving using smart phones as drones deliver pizza and beer..

I'm a musical prodigy, play by ear. And a second generation to Chet Atkins. (as it relates to teachers) Yea I play guitar and piano. And often quote much lyrics and movie lines.

Everything you see in the AM TURN is written by me. The graphics. The words. The charting program. It's all little pieces of organic work in progress. It's constantly changing and evolving. Just click the green button below. Your trading life will never be the same!

To me, this is easy money.

It doesn't get any easier than this.

Is there risk?

Sure, whenever you’re dealing with the markets...

You can always lose.

As I told you just minutes ago.

To have faith that you too can learn How to time your trade with Swiss clockwork precision while banking more money each and every trading day.

But if the S&P does not go in your direction that day or week, you will not get paid.

However, based on my past two years of testing (as well as my own personal experience), the chances of the S&P not going opposite the turns in The AM Turn is very slim.

Which can mean the odds of you losing money is also slim, as long as you do it right. I'd say about 13 to 7 percent loss against a 87 to 93 percent win.

The bottom line is:

If YOU are looking to automatically make money every week (I’m talking potentially thousands of dollars), all on the same investment –the S&P 500...without ever trading a single stock again.

No other strategy is more effective.

Listen, you don’t know me yet. And I don’t know you yet.

I’d like to say that I’m crazy, sexy, cool...but I'm not. Only the artist formerly known as Price can say that. And he is no more.

I don’t know your story.

You could already be a millionaire three times over, Al Bundy middle class, or maybe struggling to get by living in a spare room. We all have different stories.

However, I’m willing to bet you’ve busted your hump for a long time, working to get wherever you are today.

It’s the same story with me.

I've been fortunate to have lived the gamut of life. I've gone from the front guy holding the batton leading the parade to the rear guy (all back of the bus) holding the bucket for the Elephant scoop. And every player and participant in between. Hero to Zero in sixty seconds. And I've loved every minute of it!

I've lived it all. I've done it all. I have no complaint with this tour of duty.

My parents taught me that I could achieve anything with hard work and dedication.

I'm not afraid of hard work and do not run away from it. But I'm much better with my mind than my body. So much BETTER! Yea, better. So much better with my mind.

I enjoy work. I enjoy hard work and I enjoy play. I love to ride my bicycle up in the mountains. I enjoy cooking a vegan meal. But I don't drink fine wine...

As a top-level programmer, all the corporations wanted a piece of me.

I gave a little of me to Compuserve UK and was in the United Kingdon the week lady Diana was no more.

Bell Atlantic and Well Fargo and Sears just to name a few. I was in high demand.

So much that I started my own E-commerce programming integration company and was a third level technical referral for Authorizenet

And then that fafeful day happened in the USA. The twin towers fell and so did tower 13. That event changed my life and the course of my destiny.

I had set a goal to be a trader by the time I was forty and it was high time I got down to doing it!

Long story short, (I've got a Webinar on it) I found Wyckoff and WB and my life has never been the same...

You may think I was born into a life of privilege.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

First of all, I’m just a regular guy.

My father was a Southern Baptist preacher and my mother was a homemaker. It took me one hour to get to school cause I was the first kid the bus driver picked up. Then an hour later he picked up the cute girl (Debbie Craine) just one block away from my house.

Like I said my name is Wyckoff Trader. I'm just a regular guy just like you. I did not come from a silver spoon family or have a prestigious New Your city address You won't see me on the financial fast track educational dog and pony express---as a superstar golden boy.

You know the ones where you fly into a city or they fly into yours. And tell you the same thing the other seminar or webinar did before?

No one in my family knows what happens in Wall Street where cash is traded or in Chicago where the E-Mini is traded. Nor do they really care! My grandparents never knew we had a depression back in the 1930 but mom and dad saw the bubble in the '80s and the 2008 / 2010 flash.

(I still have and wear those cufflinks my grandfather is wearing)
You think that's strange. I can still remember that exact same day...ask me sometime?

I started out in a small southern town, my father was first a farmer. As I kid I subscribed to the Popular Science magazine (I sold them in school). My mother took me around to all the ladies homes in the church and I just knocked on the door and they bought. I won a Marlin 22 rifle and a fishing pole. Still got that Marlin but I lost that fishing pole. A small price to pay.

I just knew I'd be taking over the family farm. I was going to hedge our losses on the commodities market. Of course, dad did not know what I was talking about or maybe he did. He never was one to talk back in "that seventy's show" timeline. Well; one day dad says he was getting out of farming and going to be a Southern Baptist preacher.

He did; sold all his equipment and six months later Willie Nelson was doing Farm Aid. Wow, my DAD was a great market timer. He put the bug in me!

Average high school, Musical Prodigy (that will come later). Graduate go the college get out in the real world. Just like you---with one exception. I set a goal when I was twenty (1980) to become a trader by the time I reached forty (2000). I was always fascinated with the market.

At twenty, I did not know what a trader was. But I knew I wanted to be one. That was so far back Richard Dennis and the Turtle Traders were not even not even on the map! I was studying a man by the name of Richard Hume. It's odd the first name Richard it seems to resonate history . . .

Well, I headed out west in search of my fame and fortune. And I'm really just waiting for the Internet to get pumped up. You know that day when Dan Quare called it the Information Super Highway? It was Archie and Veronica and maybe a little Mosaic back then. Well, I wait for about five years and then I get the call. I become a consultant to CompuServe who had started a new Internet media experience called WOW!

So fast forward a few decades and you get me. The sum total of all the hopes, fears, dreams and sorrows of all the people I met and all the books I've read

I'm just a regular guy; No silver spoon family or Wall Street / Chicago network or Financial Fast Track educational express superstar golden boy. I have an Intimate knowledge of the insider mindset / how the insiders on Wall Street think act and position their trades. I wrote my own charting program. I don't use indicators. Just judgment: interaction of Price, Volume and Time.

I focus on the Intraday waves of the market and how they are timed to the "hidden clock" of the market. I look at the composite man the "insider" in terms of the market. Others look at bulls and bears (my strongest point).

I SEE THE MARKET IN TERMS OF THE COMPOSITE MAN / INSIDER – Most traders look at the market in terms of bulls and bears.

“This creates a dichotomy. A duality of the mind. Wyckoff looked at the market in terms of Composite Man / "insiders" the combined effect of the bulls and bears. It's the insiders that move the market in terms of news catalysts and offing events---not bulls and bears. I've cloned the mind / vernacular of Wyckoff's thinking and writing approach to the market.”
--Wyckoff Trader

Since I was born in the country Indigenous to the land, I not only believed in the “American Dream.” To me, I thought it would always be here waiting for me.

Now that you know more intimate details about me than my mother CAN remember. You may ask how am I different than all the rest?

Subscribers to the AM TURM; get my personal email to ask questions. I usually reply in the Mailbag section by next trading day. I don't twitter and tweet. No fan of texting. And my phone doesn't text. I'm best reached by email.

Long story short, when the folks at MrTopStep asked me to step up and pick up WB's newsletter I turned them down three times.

I wanted to make sure if I was going to put my name on it. It would work. And work all the time or at least every time.

As a programmer, often I would take on a project. A corporation would use my talents, skills, and ability to their benefit. If I did not feel my work would benefit those who used it...I would decline the project. I'm not going to make a ton of money at the expense of my deprivement.

I'm not going to buy a pot stock that will poison the planet just so I can bank a 100K. I got a one-way ticket and I'm not going to be tied down to this planet!

If you can and do then GOD Bless you.

Peace be with you brother/sister.

That's NOT FOR ME!

Being in Colorado folks will often ask me for a light. I'll say; "Do I look like I smoke? I need no artificial stimiulante to levitate me five and a half feet in the air!"

It's the same thing with THE AM TURN.

By knowing WB allowed me to become a better me. But wanted to make sure...

But I’m done.

I now spend my days trading and writing THE AM TURN.

I’m free to do anything I want.

And now that I've reached the THREE HUNDREDTH ISSUE, I plan to share it with the masses of Billfish, Tuna, and Sardine traders to get confirmation and Swiss clockwork precision timing on their trades.

And if you have a few minutes to spare every morning, I can help you do the same.

Look for yourself:

On Monday, August 13, 2013, if you were a subscriber in The AM Turn you would have been given these levels...

And it keeps on getting better. Of course, those were great days to trade. Those numbers were given before the market open. Imagine how better positioned you would have been just knowing where the market was headed?

That's 55 handles just on these two days. Depending upon how you trade, you could have printed a $2,750, $5,500 or an $8,250 week just on these two days!

That’s $3,000 for about two days of work. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

It was in The AM Turn and you could have collected $2,750, 5,500 or an $8,250 as a direct result.

This was a bad week for investors, no doubt.

But it would’ve been good for you because the S&P 500 resistance levels were given to you in The AM Turn.

In your email inbox before the opening bell. You could have positioned short just waiting for the price to trade up to these levels. And within a few minutes, you would have known – with all those different wagers and predictions being placed on the S&P that week – you could have collected $2,750, $5,500 or an $8,250 for your very minimal effort!.

And I don’t need to remind you, that – this $2,750, $5,500 or a $8,250 would have been automatically deposited in your trading account.

Now before I dive deeper into this, ask yourself:


Do you really want confirmation and Swiss clockwork precision timing on your trades?

Imagine how your life would change? Imagine how your P&L will go from red to green or green to greener?

Do you want to want to take 2, 4 6 handles and more out of the market each and every day?

That’s what AM TURN can deliver to you.

The odds are almost ALWAYS against you. Don’t believe me? Look at this:

Since January 1, 2018, only 38% of all stocks have gone up in price.

That’s significantly worse odds than a coin flip.

In fact, the average stock has gone DOWN by 1%. And this is happening while corporate profits are at a five-year high and unemployment is at a 45-year low…

You’d think with the economy as strong as it is, you’d have better odds with stocks.

But on Oct 8 I called the top when all the pundits were saying to buy some more...

But Wyckoff, I'm a stock guy/girl. I don't know NOTHING about the S&P?

That's ok. if you want to keep believing that stocks are the “end all be all” for making money… you might as well close out this presentation now.

I'm not going to try to change your mind.

It's just not worth it. The ALGOS have killed the game for the stocks. They are the Market Maker. There are NO HUMANS. Algos, making the market in one thousand of a millisecond. You can't see them and you can't feel them. But they are there. Taking out your stop if you get it too close.

With CASH and Futures algos are hard pressed CHALLENGED to rule the roost. Oh, they are there...that's why we use Fair Value and WB's hidden clock with Wyckoff Principles to flush them out.

If you are lucky to get a runner...they don't run like they used to. Stocks that is.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in potentially making $2,900, $7,200, $11,000 (or much more) every week, on the same investment, with zero stress and zero hassle…

Then please pay close attention to everything I’m about to say.


There is no certainty with energy stocks, tech stocks, pharmaceutical stocks… any stocks.

The only thing that’s certain is that the stock market itself is an ever-shifting force.

That’s why I’d much rather trade the e-mini timed to S&P and WB's Intraday clockS&P…

Let everyone else bet the farm and take those ridiculous risks…

Let them buy healthcare stocks, retail stocks, energy stocks… whatever they want.

Most of those stocks are heading to the infirmary anyways. 

I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather rely on the S&P itself to make me money each and every trading day…

Unlike any single stock, the S&P will always exist…

It will always have a ton of trading volume.

And it will always be the barometer of the stock market.

All you have to do is decide which direction it’ll take next… up, or down, or sideways.

And with THE AM TURN that’s easy.

Case in point:

In addition to everything, I've shared with you above...

And a Big picture perspective as a tuna/billfish trader may see. Along with a graph support and resistance: short term and long term trend lines.

Last: E-MINI / FUTURE turns for today what news catalysts are expected. Where Globex traded highs and lows. The trend Asian and Europen has set into motion with a graphic of support/resistance lines and pivots...potential areas where the market may turn.

And when the planets align...a recommended trade for Tuna/Billfish traders. Where to get in, out and take a loss. Areas of high probability where the trend will be your friend.

SO, I only have one question for you? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? You cant' get this anywhere else!

It's the trading advisory service I looked for...before I started trading...I could NEVER FIND! Trust me. I looked for it. It was not around then and it is NOT AROUND NOW

I try not to bias my perception/notion of the market. Just show how the past events relate to the present and future potential outcomes. My goal is to write an Intra-day Futures timing newsletter that I would subscribe to and that I would learn from and would enjoy reading.

You can only get this from me!

I subscribe to a lot of newsletters. I never copy unless I give credit to the source. I synthesize what is going on to form a composite top-down perspective on the market each trading day. Presenting a multi-disciplined approach that utilizes Wyckoff Principles, WB's Internal Clock Timing and technical analysis with news events as the catalyst.

Then I turn that into bite-sized bullet points outlying what's going on in the world today!

When it is important I will include snippet conversations I've had with my trader friends. I will never include a chat name unless they have given permission or a public figure. I highly recommend you to subscribe to THE AM TURN. It will take your understanding of the market and how different market participants view the a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!

You can't get this stuff on Youtube (I don't' have channel) and you cant' get this stuff on chat boards or chat rooms. It's not available to the masses or general public. (It's only available from me!)

So, you ask; "Wyckoff Trader, how much is all this insider knowledge?" Now, what you can get from your Google search...

If you take the time to do a Google search you'll find, normally research from trading sages---will charge you upwards to $149 up to $1,295 to $3,00 and $15,000 (lifetime membership). Rest assured I'm not looking at that!

In fact, most folks who look for trading knowledge/education/information/levels are looking for the "Insider Fast-track to success. Banking piles of money with 4,400 percent gains in less than two years with 100K in 12 months. They want it to be Easy . . . Fast . . . and Lucrative with one simple email and one simple mouse click . . . while dining at their favorite restaurant"

If that is what you are looking for then the AM TURN is NOT FOR YOU MY FRIEND!

In fact; the learning curve may be hard and arduous. That is if you are doing it alone. But you don't' have to be alone. Cause you are NOT going to be alone (unless you want to of course)

You have me and my trader friends. If you really want to green light/jump start your trading success; I highly encourage you to take a subscription to THE AM TURN.

If you are a Sardine and looking to gain an edge in your Intraday trading or a BullFish / Tuna trader (you know who you are) then just click this link below and get started today.

"That's just fine Wyckoff, but some of us still work during the day . . . how can we learn about the clock? The Hidden Clock that controls all turns within the market intraday every day?"

A monthly subscription to the AM TURN is for you my friend.

No, you are not going to pay $149, $99 or even $49 (well you may after we add the SPOTS) but until then only $29 monthly. Less than a night out on the town. That less than $1.45 each trading day.

I'm giving you a 60% discount if you order today; before I add those SPOTS! If the pot was any sweeter--you'd be in Colorado a mile high . . . Don't' wait. Act today!

You'll get E-Mini / CASH anticipated turns delivered to your email inbox every trading day---before the opening bell. Not your typical technical analyst. Not Gain, Elliott or Fibonacci. Not know to the general public.

Known only to a few Individuals and a handful of select subscribers of the AM TURN Subscribe today! Just click on the green "Join Now" button below to get started today.


My goal is to help the sardine, tuna, and billfish traders to better know when to trade and how to trade as it relates to Wyckoff and WB's Hidden clock. The clock that controls all turns intra-day within the market. And I need your help to do it. Please share this newsletter with a trader or a friend.

All That I Ask Is a FIRM COMMITMENT. I'm not saying you need to FOLLOW every turn I recommend, take all the indicators off your charts, or change your trading approach. What you do with your money is your choice.

But what I am saying is that once you see how easy it is to know when to get out with less loss and get in with more profit while feeling less'll find peace in the East!

You won't want to look at the market the same way again!

If you're interested, then you're ready to be a part of a select group of elite traders, not a thousand or more, just a hundred and forty-four.

You're ready to subscribe to the AM TURN.

I’m not saying you need to SELL every stock you own, fire your money manager, or close out your 401(k). What you do with your money is your choice

But what I am saying is that once you see how easy it is to trade the Sardine intraday turns and generate money from your trades each and every day trading the S&P, you won’t want to buy another stock again.

You won’t need to.


In THE AM TURN before the opening bell, you will get my anticipated lean for the opening. I have not done the nubmers. You could be looking anywhere from 87 – to 93% certainty – which direction the S&P / E-Mini is headed for the opening balance. All you have to do is time your trade to the anticipated turns in the market using WB's hidden clock to the S&P / E-Mini as AM LOW is sealed, or vice versa.

And you can automatically collect $2,900, $7,200, $11,000 (or much more) per day depending upon how you scale your trade

It’s easy. It’s effective. And it takes all in your email inbox before the opening bell at 9:30 EST.  

So far this year, you could have already made well over $79,000 in profit. And that’s just from S&P / E-Mini anticipated turns each trading day.

And when you scale up or just look at the Billfish/Tuna trades, you could easily be looking at $150,000 in profit.

So, as you can see, this is NOT just another investment advisory service. 

It is a new dawn for YOU in making money in America (if you never traded before).

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After 144 Founding members are found, this offer gets pulled down and it will be by special invitation invite with a personal one on one screening. With a $144 subscription per month investment.

This really is your last opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this unique and incredible offer.

But as one of the 144 traders, I'm granting full access, I need you to promise me three things before we go any further.

  1. Share This Information with Anyone every day.

    The AM TURN takes about three hours each trading day. USA, ASIAN, and UK / PRE 8:00 AM EST secession.

    That said, I ask that you DO share this information with everyone. Your friends. Family. Your co-workers. EVERYONE! It's simply too valuable NOT to give away. DO Forward and Copy My Emails. I don't do a ton of youtube videos. Just word of mouth organic marketing. I need YOUR HELP TO GET THE WORD OUT!
  2. DO Forward and Copy My Emails.

    Every Trading day you will receive a THE AM TURN in your email inbox. before the opening bell 9:30 EST. In this email/pdf, I will tell you which direction the S&P / E-Mini is expected to lean. I'll also give you a sardine trade, as well as a Tuna and Billlshigh Trade recommendation on the S&P / E-Mini (when there's even bigger money available).

    DO forward and copy this email. You paid for this information. You should share it with others. With the understanding of telling them to subscribe!
  3. DO NOT Ignore Me.

    You must be willing to follow my instructions. This is not your run-of-the-mill service. THE AM TURN is a daily trading research service. My strategy requires you to take decisive action by trading a very specific set of turns on the S&P / E-Mini each day.

    But if you’re going to just ignore me, you’re better off NOT joining me.

If you can make these three promises…

The Door Is Now Open to You. All you have to do is walk through it.

The AM TURN is the crowning achievement of my 13-year career...

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So what can you expect as a founding member?

More than you can imagine.

The AM TURN Wyckoff Trading:
3 Laws and 7 Principles - Supply Demand, Cause-Effect, Effort Result.

The AM TURN WB's Interday Clock:
Just knowing the turns each day for S1, S2, S3, and S4 will give you the hidden edge other traders are NOT even aware of!

The AM TURN Fundamental News:
Headwinds, tailwinds, and crosswinds for the day, week and month up ahead.

The AM TURN Technicals:
I’ll show you how CASH is shaping up, trend lines, and daily/weekly pivots.

The AM TURN Market Timing:
The event horizon where Fundamentals and Technicals come together

The AM TURN Levels:
Where anticipated turns may occur timed to WB's Internal Clock where price may stop, look, and listen

The AM TURN Billfish/Tuna/Sardine Trades:
Trades where a potential 10 to 20 handles or more may occur that very same trading day...where the big fish are.
Trades meant to fade for a 3 to 5 handle profit

It's almost been twenty-one minutes. Congratulations, you accepted the mission. But to become a part of the 144 founding members I need to you click the green button "JOIN NOW" below.

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This is a fast-paced and aggressive service.

I’m not just looking to make you a few bucks from time to time, but THOUSANDS of dollars every single week.

If the market is going DOWN, my goal is to make you money.

If the market is going UP, my goal is to make you money.

If the market is going NOWHERE, my goal is to make you money.

This is what separates The AM Turn from every single research advisory in existence.

We don’t care if the stock market is going up.

All we care about is that the S&P 500 / E-Mini goes where we expect it to. And, with The AM Turn, I know with 87% to 93% certainty where that’s going to be.

But with only 144 openings, this offer may not be available to you for long.

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You’re getting access to The AM Turn Network of traders

Plus, The AM Turn Invitation only to join an elite group of traders, which includes five emails/pdf's files I’ll have in your inbox each trading day

I’ve been trading for over a decade.

I’ve seen HUNDREDS of new products, reports, and ideas come my way. But I’ve never seen anything quite like The AM Turn.

Its value is unmatched.

But I’m not going to PUSH you.

If you only trade stocks, I know that the idea of trading with Swiss clockwork precision while banking more money each and every trading day trading the S&P each day – is a far departure from anything you may have tried before.

But that’s why I’m issuing my strongest guarantee ever:

You should know within 87% to 93% certainty where the high or low will be for that day! Just imagine what you can do with that type of information?

Over the past two years, The AM Turn has predicted with 87% to 93% certainty which direction the S&P / E-Mini is going to trade in the 10:00 to 10:30 direction. Sure, sometimes the clock can get distorted with unexpected news events. But on balance you will know with 87% to 93% certainty the LOW or HIGH of the AM TURN!

And I see no reason why that wouldn’t continue for the next two, thirteen years, or longer.

No matter what happens to the stock market going forward, I plan on helping you make money with the same degree of certainty.

So, if any time you feel The AM Turn is not doing it for you. Let me know. I'll either fix it or we can part friends.

Bottom line: If you’re not happy – I’m not happy.

You can cancel your subscription at any time but give it some time before you do.

That is if you do. Before you do, you can contact me. I'm not hiding behind some corporate veil. My phone rings every day and I say hello, or it drops into voice mail. Either way, I'm here for you!

I’m doing this for two reasons:

  1. The AM Turn is the pinnacle achievement of my career. There is no way I’m going to let people join my service in droves just so they can steal WB's Hidden clock swiss clockwork precision timing. That will not happen. Not on my watch.
  2. The AM Turn is NOT a stock investing service. To see EPIC results, you need to stick with it for several weeks (if not months). Signing up and canceling right away only hurts your profit potential in the long run. You’d be doing yourself a disservice.

Once you join me, I will be contacting you AT LEAST twice a week.

And I want to hear from you, too.

Tell me what you think of the service. Tell me what kind of money you’re making. Tell me what you like or don’t like. I’m anxious for feedback. I want to hear your results.

For me, The AM Turn is NOT just another initiative or pet project. It’s the last two years of my life in a thirteen-year trading career. 

And I couldn’t be more excited to finally get to share it with you.

Click the green JOIN NOW button below and Fill out the accompanying short subscription form to become a founding member now so you can have the chance to experience what it’s like to make up to $11,000 per week without ever touching a single stock (or stock option) again.

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See you tomorrow morning before the opening bell.

All the best,

Wyckoff Trader
Founding Editor, The AM Turn

I have 100% faith that you’ll make the right decision.

P.S. When you click the green JOIN NOW button at the bottom of your screen, you will be taken to an SSL 128-bit encryption order page from my trading partner MRTOPSTEP.COM. We've been partners for over two years. Then click the "Proceeded to check out" purple button on your lower bottom right. The "Newsletter AM Turn" will be added to your cart.

P.S.S. After you become a founding member of The AM Turn, you will also be eligible to join an elite group of traders. These are the Tuna/Billfish traders I keep talking about. Dboy was Pit Bull's man back in the day. And one of the traders still lives beside Annie Lennox in the Hamptons.